Help for Complex Children

Today's children face a variety of obstacles, help for complex children, is a place for families to come to find resources, support, coordination of care, direction, and help for the challenges that are faced on a day to day basis from the home environment to school meetings and challenges to finding a dream team of care and help organizing, tracking, and creative thinking on how to get done everything that needs to be done. 

Hi! I'm Anna! I'm a certified health and life coach. I'm also a certified HTMA expert (hair tissue mineral analysis) and momma to 3 amazing boys. I got into the field of coaching after being so tired of being tired and feeling terrible but being told my labs were all "normal" until one day I went to a functional doctor and had more in depth labs ran discovering that I not only had an unbalanced thyroid but also autoimmune issues. It was incredible to finally have answers. But now that I knew what it was I still didn't know how to get to feel better.... The meds that I was put on at the time helped somewhat after the roller coaster of finding what dose I needed. After that, I switched to another functional doctor who had me quit my thyroid meds cold turkey.... yep.. cold turkey... and I was told all I needed to balance my thyroid was to take iodine and selenium. So that's what I did and it was terrible. My heart went crazy, I felt super sick, and had no clue what was happening. Now after 4 different HTMA (mineral balancing programs), I have learned in-depth why that happened. Iodine and selenium is needed for the body but it needs to be done gently and an iodine protocol so that you do not make things worse. I also learned all about toxins, nutrient absorption, stress, gut health, lymphatic movement, posture, and more and how all these things tie in together for the body to become balanced. Because of this journey I have created the membership BALANCED. To help you not make the same mistakes I did and also how I'm now 3 years medicine free. Having lots of energy, dropped 30lbs, stopped my joint pain, stopped my hair from falling out, and transformed my life.